Caring for Your Shoes

  • Make an effort, we know it’s tedious, but ideally you should always clean your shoes after use.
  • When you take your shoes off, let them air out before putting them away.
  • Avoid getting your shoes completely wet.
  • Let them dry in the shade, away from the sun and any source of heat.
  •  Under no circumstances use the washing machine.
  •  Do not scrub hard or use aggressive sponges.
  •  Store them in a dry and airy environment (bathrooms or utility rooms, for example, are not suitable, as they are damp environments).
  •  You should pay special attention to cleaning the inside of your shoes. You should fill them with newspaper or some kind of absorbent material, which will eliminate bad smells and humidity overnight, or you can use your own disinfectant and/or deodorizing spray.
  •  Cleaning the soles of your shoes is just as important: that’s where all the “dirt” that you’ve stepped on in the street has accumulated.
  • If you don’t plan on putting your shoes on any time soon, insert something inside that will make them bulge. This could be paper or even old newspapers, which are great for absorbing moisture. This practice is also recommended for everyday use.
  •  Use boxes to store and organize your shoes. If they are “piled up” they will end up deforming and creasing the leather.
  •  To clean the outside, and because each type of shoe requires different care, see the tips according to the material of the shoe to be cleaned.



  • Preferably use ointments and greases to clean and maintain this type of material. Choose a cream that is colorless and natural, i.e. one that does not contain chemicals or dyes. Use a sponge or cloth to apply the conditioner and give it time to penetrate the leather;
  • As an option to remove more difficult dirt, wipe with a slightly damp cloth and as a last resort you can use a soft cloth or a soft brush with a little neutral soap, you should avoid this procedure as it can stain the skin, test it on a less visible area instead.
  •  Leave the moisture to dry naturally, for the inside you can use newspapers, they are an excellent moisture absorber.
  •  Once dry, you can apply a moisturizing ointment or grease.


This type of leather requires more care; poor cleaning can damage the texture of the leather.

  • To protect against stains and splashes of water, you can and should use a special waterproofing spray.
  •  Do not use water to clean this material.
  •  Any stains should be cleaned immediately to avoid permanent damage.
  •  To clean, use a special bristle brush and brush the shoe in the opposite direction to the “fur” to remove dust and dirt.
  •  At the end, run the brush in the direction of the “fur” to leave it in its original position.
  •  There are several sprays on the market for maintaining this material.


Varnished leather

  • Use a soft cloth or flannel. Any more aggressive cloth can scratch and damage the varnish.